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November 2, 2014 - CKC Tracking Test - Comox Valley, BC

Results of TD/X tracking test offered by the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada held in the Comox Valley, Nov. 2, 2014.

Thanks to judge Sue Sorensen for permission to reprint her judge's remarks below:

On Sunday, November 2, I had the pleasure of judging the Flat-Coat Retriever Club of Canada's Tracking Test. The tracks were at various farms here in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, B.C. We've had a series of rain storms pass through recently but plotting day was a lovely sunny day and test day was overcast with the odd sprinkle and a slight breeze. All the fields had medium to long grass and most were very wet. One field planned for TDX was one-third under water which the local ducks were enjoying. Luckily, we had a spare field!

All 3 TDs passed and 2 of the 4 TDXs passed.

TD 1 - Female Golden Retriever - almost 2 years old. This young lady was very busy, her handler calmly waiting for strong commitments before proceeding. Nearing the end, the handler starting thinking that the track couldn't possibly go that deep into the corner of the field (the very wide opening in the corner wasn't visible from her position) and started backing up. Luckily the dog finally insisted and showed her where the glove was. Congratulations to Kim Luyten and Heads Up Dreams Do Come True JH, WCI, TD.

TD 2 - Male Golden Retriever - 1 1/2 years old. This young boy got the field mentioned above planned for a TDX. Luckily the ducks had moved on. After a strong start, his second corner was just before the "duck pond". He pondered the situation, finally made the correct decision and motored along the next two legs to the glove. Congratulations to Diane Burrows and Rio's Golden Wings JH, WCI TD.

TD 3 - Male Border Terrier - 9 years old. This youngster started slowly and then settled into the track with only a few minor deviations along the way. Near the end of the last leg he had to check out all the pretty leaves that had fallen before strongly indicating the glove. Congratulations to Cathy Urquhart and Trekhond Honeymoon Highlander TD.

TDX 1 - Male German Shepherd - 8 years old. This boy started strongly, pausing only to work his first and second corners. On the third leg he searched around a lot - uphill from an article - before moving on and cutting the next corner. He then proceeded nicely to the second article. Shortly after that he checked left and right, committed right, unfortunately it was the first crosstrack. Whistle. Put back on track, he finished nicely, of course ignoring the second crosstrack.

TDX 2 - Female Flat-Coated Retriever - 5 years old. This girl worked her start and first corner before settling into the next long leg. With the wind in her face she had a bit of trouble pin-pointing the first article. She continued along the track pausing only on her corners, pointing out the first crosstrack and checking out some ruts a farm vehicle had left. On the last corner she spent a lot of time searching the area, indicating the next leg and having a snack or two before finally convincing her handler that they should go that way – to the glove. Congratulations to Catherine Preece and Ch Glainddu's Song of My Heart UTD, AGI, AGIJ, WC, TDX.

TDX 3 - Male Flat-Coated Retriever - 5 1/2 years old. This boy moved strongly along his verrry long first leg, picking up the first article along the way. He efficiently completed the rest of the track pausing slightly to work a couple of corners and check out a dip which crossed the track. He and his calm handler were a pleasure to watch. Congratulations to Diane Burrows and Ch Glainddu's Third Time Lucky CGN, UTD, JH, WCI, TDX.

TDX 4 - Male Flat-Coated Retriever - 4 years old. This boy started very strongly. Past his first corner was a ditch with water which angled away from the second leg. He was attracted to the ditch but came back, found his corner and tried to do the second leg for about 75 meters. Unfortunately, the water kept calling to him and finally won. Whistle. Or course, put back on track, he nailed the rest of it – particularly enjoying the very wet third leg.

Thank you to Secretary/Superintendent Angela Gilbert and Committee members Haideh Jordan, Catherine Preece and Diane Burrows for organizing this test. A big thank you to tracklayers Francine Shaver, Debra Eagle, Sheila Kenny, Haideh Jordan and Lynda and Steve Rose (who are new to tracking). You were all a pleasure to work with. Deb and Sheila, one day we will laugh about being lost in the woods for half an hour looking for that "path".

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Sorensen

Pictures from the Test, submitted by Haideh Picture 1     Picture 2     Picture 3

December 8, 2012 - Auld Lang Syne Dog Association, Chilliwack, BC

Judge: Patricia Totter

Best of Breed: Ch. Eagletarn Shine A Light (Lien/Daly)
Best of Opposite: Radford Autumn's Eve (Ziefflie)
Best of Winners:Eagletarn Radford's Forrest (Ziefflie/Daly)
Winners Dog: Eagletarn Radford's Forrest (Ziefflie/Daly)
Reserve Winners Dog: Blacklace Olympic Marquis (DeBruyne)
Winners Bitch: Radford Autumn's Eve (Ziefflie)
Reserve Winners Bitch: DF Affinity A Stitch In Thyme (Archbold/Fanous)
Best Puppy:Eagletarn Corks A Poppin (Hay/McLennan)

December 10, 2011 - Auld Lang Syne Dog Association, Chilliwack, BC

Judge: Dr. Wanda Spediacci

Best of Breed: Ch. Coastalight in Hot Pursuit WCI/JH/RN (Tisdall/MacDonald)
Best of Opposite: Coastalight All My Loving (Beck-MacDonald/MacDonald)
Best of Winners: Shamrock A Black As Coal (Munson)
Winners Dog: Shamrock A Black As Coal (Munson)
Reserve Winners Dog: NMH Affinity Spirit of the Dance WCX/MH (Rigby/Rigby-Fanous)
Winners Bitch: Glainddu Myra's Bright Star (Preece)
Reserve Winners Bitch: Itzawhat's Sianora Sweetheart (Tisdall/Grainger)
Best Puppy: DF Affinity A Stitch In Thyme (Archbold-Fanous/Reynolds)

June 18, 2011 - Nanaimo Kennel Club, Nanaimo, BC

Judge: Lynda Saranchuk

Best of Breed: Ch Inglis Dark Finn CD RN CGN (went on to win a Group 4 placement)
Best of Opposite: Ch Coastalight All My Loving WC JH RN
Best of Winners: Eagletarn Great Fivepenny
Winners Dog: Eagletarn Great Fivepenny
Winners Bitch: Itzawhat Sianora Sweetheart

Thank you to Wendy Tisdall for the results

December 11, 2010 - Auld Lang Syne Dog Assocation, Chilliwack, BC

Best of Breed: Itzawhat's Was The Best Of Times (Berg/Maser)
Best of Opposite: Itzawhat's Sam I Am (Lochore)
Best of Winners: Eagletarn Shine A Light (Lien/Daly)
Winners Dog: Eagletarn Shine A Light (Lien/Daly)
Reserve Winners Dog: Itzawhat's Maxed Out (Lochore/Anderson)
Winners Bitch: Eagletarn Tattoo You (Daly)
Reserve Winners Bitch: Coastalight Shaded In Moonlight (Dawn MacDonald/Wendy Tisdall MacDonald)
Best Puppy: Itzawhat's Sianora Sweetheart (Grainger)

Thank you to Anna Daly for the results

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