Topline strong and level.

Chest deep, moderately broard with well-defined brisket and prominent forechest.

Rib cage deep, showing good length from forechest to back rib (to allow plenty of space for all body organs), and only moderately broard. The foreribs fairly flat showing a gradual spring, well arched in the center or the body but rather lighter towards the loin.

Loin strong, well muscled and at least as long as it is wide, allowing for freedom of movement and length of stride.

Croup slopes only slightly; rump fairly broard and well-muscled.

Faults: Any weakness in the loin or middle back (open couplings), or an unduly short loin which restricts reach and drive are serious faults. A barrel or shallow chest, short rib cage, cobbiness or steep croup are not typical and considered faulty.

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2019 National Specialty

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