General Appearance

The Flat-Coated Retriever combines substance and strength with elegance and refinement, which together with a happy and active demeanour, intelligent expression, and clean lines, have been eloquently described as power without lumber, and raciness without weediness.

The distinctive features of the Flat-Coat are the silhouette (moving as well as standing): smooth, effortless movement, head type, coat and character. A proud carriage, responsive attitude, waving tail, and over-all look of quality, strength, style and symmetry complete the picture of the typical Flat-Coat. The Flat-Coat is a strong and elegant working retriever. Quality of structure, balance and harmony of all parts both standing and in motion are essential. As a breed whose purpose is of a utilitarian nature, structure and condition should give every indication of being suited for hard work.

In profile the Flat-Coat has a long, clean but substantial head, which is unique to the breed. It is free from eaggerations of stop or cheek and set upon a moderately long neck which flows smoothly into the well-laid-back shoulders. A level topline combined with a deep, long rib cage tapering to a moderate tuck-up create the impression of a blunted triangle. The brisket is well-developed and the forechest forms a prominent prow. The Flat-Coat is well proportioned, strong but elegant: never lacking in length of body or length of leg. The coat is thick and flat lying , and the legs and tail are well feathered.

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2019 National Specialty

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