Neck & Forequarters

Moderately long, strong, slightly arched, free from throatiness, flowing smoothly into the well-laid-back shoulders.

Shoulder: long, well laid back. Muscling wiry rather than bulky.

Upper arm: balanced, lengthy upper arm to allow for efficient reach.

Lower arm: forelegs, straight and strong with bone of good quality.

Pasterns: strong and springy with a slight slope.

Feet: medium-sized and tight with well-arched toes and thick pads. Removal of dewclaws is optional.

Faults: Massive or overly refined bone. Pasterns upright, knuckling over or weak.

2019 National Specialty
2019 National Specialty

2018 National Specialty

2017 FCRSC National Specialty

2016 FCRSC National Specialty

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