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Temperment, Size & Gait

Character is a primary and outstanding asset of the Flat-Coat. He is a devoted family companion, a versatile working dog, sensible, outgoing and tractable.

In the field he has a great desire to hunt with self-reliance; in the show and obedience ring he demonstrates stability and a desire to please with a confident, happy and outgoing attitude (characterized by a wagging tail), and at home he is sensible, alert and affectionate.

The Flat-Coat is a very companionable dog with a strong attachment to owner and family. To reach its full potential in any endeavour, the Flat-Coat requires a strong, personal relationship and individual attention. Faults: Nervous, hyperactive, apathetic, shy or obstinate behaviour is undesirable. Unprovoked aggressive behaviour is a very servious fault.

Preferred height is 23-24 inches(58-61cm) at the withers for dogs; 22-23 inches (56-59cm) for bitches. The Flat-Coat should be in lean, hard condition with the preferred weight as being 60-70lbs. (27-32kg).

The Flat-Coat viewed from the side covers the ground efficiently and movement appears effortless and well coordinated. Front legs move forward with a long reaching action. Hindqquarters reach well forward and well back in achieving a long stride in balance with the front movement. Topline appears strong and supple while dog is in motion. Viewed from front or rear the legs should turn neither in nor out, nor should the feet cross or interfere with one another. Faults: A choppy, short mincing or ponderous action. Movement impeded by any structural weakness or twisting of joints.

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