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May 7, 2022 – Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club – Saskatoon, SK Obedience Booster
Highest Scoring FC in Novice B – Ch Blazingstar Westlin Winds RN – Saunders/Hurly

May 8, 2022  – Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club – Saskatoon, SK  Conformation Booster
Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed – Ch Favor’s Maple Leaf Rag – Saunders/Hurly
Best of Opposite – Ch Blazingstar Westlin Winds RN – Saunders/Hurly
Best of Winners – Blazingstar Prairie Smoke – Laverty
Select Male – Ch Inglis Shoot For the Stars RN – Aadland/Byers
Select Female – Ch Inglis Chanda’s Magical Light CGN AS – Perkins
Winners Male – Inglis Above The Sky – Byers
Best Veteran in Breed – GCH Fall Flight’s Blue Rodeo JH CD RA WC – Barry/Hockman/Dobson


July 17, 2021 – Sporting Dog Club of British Columbia  – BC Booster

Juvenile (12-18 Months) – Male
1st 113 ITZAWHAT’S I CALL SHOTGUN, CK- HG3992919 19-Apr-20. Breeders: Loreen Frost, Joan Grainger, Andrew Frost. Itzawhat’s All In SH WCI x Birdsthe- word Heres Lookin Atukid. Canada. Owner: Helen LOCHORE Bred By Exhibitor – Male

Open Male
1st 114 HIGHPOINT-RADFORD ALL IN, GA793305  09-Jan-19. Breeders: Ken and Dorte Larsen, Roxanne Ziefflie. CH Eagletarn Radford’s Forrest CGN CD x GCH Radford Calleigh. Canada. Owner: Roxanne ZIEFFLIE
2nd 115 BLACKLACE TOP SHELF SCOTCH N’SODA, CK-GY3988307  02-Dec-19. Breeders: Kathy Kondrat. GCH Heir- born Above The Law CGN CD PCD RN RI RA WC x GCH Blacklace Scotch On The Rocks. Canada. Owner: Tanya MARTENS, Michael MARTENS, Kathy KONDRAT. Agent: Courtney PENNER
ABS 116 ITZAWHATS GAME SET MATCH JH, GA801233  27-Jan-19. Breeders: Joan Grainger. Andy and Loreen Frost. NMH GMH Can.Ch. Itzawhats Maxed Out, WCX x Ch. Brdzzthewrd Outstndng in My Fld. Canada. Owner: Helen LOCHORE
                                                            WM 114 RWM 115
Juvenile (12-18 Months) – Female
ABS 117 ITZAWHAT’S GEEZ LOUISE, CK- HG3992920  Apr-20. Breeders: Loreen Frost Andrew Frost Joan GCH Itzawhats All In JH SH RN WC WCI WCX x CH Brdzthewrd Heres Lookin AtUKid JH WC. Canada. Owner: Joan GRAINGER
2nd 118 RADFORD DON’T YA THINK I ROCK, CK-HC3985801  Feb-20. Breeders: Roxanne Ziefflie. CH Ea- gletarn Radford’s Forrest CGN CD x Eaglewind It’s a Wonderful LIfe Canada. Owner: Daesha TOWLE, Roxanne ZIEFFLIE
1st 119 INGLIS EAGLETARN GALIANO GAL, CK- HL400769114-Jun-20. Breeders: Judith Byers Brent Byers. GChEx Heirborn Above The Law x CH Inglis Kountry Skye. Canada. Owner: Anna DALY, Randy ANDREWS

Open – Female
1st 120 WOODFINCH SWEET AFTON, FD- GG3964817  02-Apr-19. Breeders: Roz & David Bellamy. Bright- moor Caught In The Act At Flatcharm x Woodfinch Hydra. Elsewhere. Owner: Sophia FANOUS

                                                          WF 119 RWF 120
Specials Only – Male
121  CH AFFINITY THE COLOUR OF MAGIC, DE651343 27-Mar-16. Breeders: Lindsay Verde / Sophia C. CH Stormwatch Edge Of The Cloud x Affinity Waterdance Delight. Canada. Owner: Chris ARCHBOLD, Sophia C. FANOUS

Specials Only – Female
122 GCH BLACKLACE OPAL GODDESS OF FIRE DN, EU731719  14-Oct-17. Breeders: Kathy A Kondrat. GCH Windy Hill God Of Fire x GCH Blacklace Opal Isle of Maaya CGN SH CDX RE WCX. Canada. Owner: Donald HAMADE, Chizuko HAMADE. Agent: Courtney PENNER
123 BPISS CH EAGLETARN CALL OF THE WILD, CS622833  09-Sep-15. Breeders: Anna Daly & Randy Andrews. Can.Am.UKC.Ch. Salasana Sea Breeze, RN,JH,Am.CGC x GCh.Am.Ch. Eagletarn Tattoo You, WC,JH,Am.WC. Canada. Owner: Sabrina HAUSER, Anna DALY, Will ODOM

                                                     BB 121     BO 123     BW 114     SM——- SF 122w

August 20 – 22, 2021 – FCRSC sponsored CKC Agility trials – Thunder Bay, ON

GCh Labrys Real Gem WC JH RN CD AgI – Gemma with Owner:  Nancy Hicks were the sole flat-coat team entered.  Qualifying runs both days to complete Agility Intermediate title.

August 22-23, 2021 – FCRSC sponsored Sprinter Event – Dalroy, AB

NEW Novice Sprinter (NS) titles went to:
Blazingstar Tailwind RATI (Reilly) – Susan and John Gardner Ch Brdzthewrd Heres Lookin Atukid JH WC – (Carmen) – Don Malesza
Ch Blazingstar Calliope RE RATN – (Callie) – Kathryn and Brad Taylor
GCH Blazingstar Galwey CD RE WC NS CGN RATN (Lync) – Jolene McCuaig Lync earned his Novice Sprinter (NS) in July. This time, he added points toward his Sprinter (500 points) (S).
Inglis Chanda’s Magical Light S CGN (Luna) – Judy Perkins Luna added points towards her (1000 points) Advanced Sprinter (AS).

Fastest Flat-Coat Award
A gift basket was awarded to the fastest Flat-Coat over all 4 events put on by the FCRSC. Reilly (Blazingstar Tailwind) was the winner with a time of 8.232 seconds and a speed of 44 kph in the 100 metre dash.
10 Fastest Times (100 metre dash):
Reilly: 8.232 seconds
Callie: 8.661, 8.799, 8.808, 8.859, 8.896 seconds respectively
Lync:    8.821, 8.909, 8.919, 8.925 seconds respectively

September 11, 2021 – Oakville Kennel Club – Ontario Booster

(2)  029- Bonaccord’s Peerie Scalloway Lad 06/16/2020. Breeder: David Simpson, by Ch Rowansgaard Black Caviar x Bonaccord’s Bonnie Strathtay, Canada. Owner: Robert Schwartz, Christina McNeice-Schwartz
(1)  121- DueNorth Cosmic Encounter  07/30/2020 Breeder: Patricia Robertson, by Duenorth Spring Loaded x Zia Zinzilla Black Brianta, Canad. Owner: Patricia Robertson & Dyllan Robertson

(1)  249- DueNorth Emerald Twist 01/16/2020  Breeder:  Pat Robertson, by Rowansgaard Lemon Twist x Duenorth Emerald Isle, Cnaada.  Owner:  Caitlyn Roffey & Pat Robertson
(2)  385- Dowerky Olomana Pea Ki’I  06/01/2017  Breeder:  Gwyneth McClellan by GCh Brightmoor Snow Patrol x Dowerky I Hope You Dance, Canada.  Owner:  Denise McClellan & Grant McClellan


moved to open   099- Rush’s Set Up For Success  

(3)  031- Rowansgaard Ocean Breeze WCI   06/10/2019  Breeder:  Susan Ware by Ch Rowansgaard Shirley Tradition x Ch Rowansgaard Laurel. Canada.  Owner:  Robert Schewartz, Christina McNeice-Schwartz
(4)  175- DueNorth’s Working Man  06/26/2019  Breeder:  Patricia Robertson, by Fleetwings Force of the Moon x Duenorth Flare for Spring, Canada.  Owner:  Meghan Baird & Patricia Robertson
(2)  275- Inglis The Falconeious Star 03/12/2019   Breeder:  Brent & Judith Byers by GChEx Heirborn Above the Law WC CGN RI CD x Ch Inglis Kountry Skye PCD RI, Canada.  Owner:  Joel Rines & Shilo Tapp
(1)  583- Athercroft Lettuce Romaine Calm 04/01/2017 Breeder:  Dee Turkelson & Ruth Marsh by Wyndhams Kubla Khan x Athercroft Haute Pants, Elsewhere.  Owner:  Vicky Nickerson & Dee Turkelson
(abs) 099- Rush’s Set Up For Success  03/14/2020  Breeder:  Linda Brox & Nancy McCracken, by Ch Ryegate’s Let Me Entertain You x Ch Rush’s Cameron Cambridge, Canada.  Owner:  Linda Brox & Mary Crawford

(1)  384- DueNorth Guess Who 07/30/2020 Breeder:  Patricia Robertson by Duenorth Spring Loaded x Zia Zinzilla Black Brianta, Canada.  Owner:  Shilo Tapp & Patricia Robertson
(2)  774- Slipstream Everything I Masked For at Seleya  06/06/2020  Breeder:  Jennifer Tower, by Athercroft Lettus Remaine Calm x Oh Say Can you Seed at Slipstream, Elsewhere.  Owner:  Vicky Nickerson & Jennifer Tower

(1)  230- DueNorth Black Bombshell  06/26/2019  Breeder:  Patricia Robertson, by Fleetwings Force of the Moon x Duenorth Flare for Spring, Canada.  Owner:  Taylor Mucci & Patricia Robertson

(abs)  176- Rush’s Poppy   06/02/2019  Breeder:  Linda Brox, Cam Crawford & Taylor Stevenson by Flatterhaft Nike Everclear x Ch Rush’s Lite Up My Life, Canada.  Owner:  Linda Brox, Jay & Anne Dore, Taylor Stevenson
(1)  374- Bonaccord’s Bonnie Strathtay  04/07/2013  Breeder:  Ian David Simpson by Branchalwood Strathfinnan x Ch Stormwatch Eye of the Storm WC, Canada.  Owner:  David Simpson
(2)  778- Maskmenoquestions at Slipstream  06/06/2020   Breeder:  Jennifer Tower, by Athercroft Lettus Romaine Calm x Ch Oh Say Can you Seed at Slipstream, Elsewhere.  Owner:  Jennifer Tower

(moved to Specials)  480- Freestyles Polaris at Blueflag 
(moved to Specials)  500- Dowerky Our Sassy Rose Cider 
(1)  776- Oh Say Can You Seed at Slipstream  05/27/2014 Breeder:  Jennifer Tower, by Athercroft Notforamelon Bucks x GCh Bertschire Jolly Holiday CD RE JH, Elsewhere.  Owner:  Jennifer Tower

                                               Winner’s Dog – 583                       Winner’s Bitch – 230
                                               Reserve Winner’s Dog – 275        Reserve Winner’s Bitch– 384

016- GCH Rush’s True Illusion RA CD WC (female)  08/29/2013 Breeder:  Linda Brox & Katya Dulvalko, by GCh Fleetwing’s Force of the Moon x Ch Rush’s Evening Dance, Canada.  Owner:  Annie Prange & Linda Brox
117- GCH Rush’s Just Another Werewolf (male)  04/08/2018  Breeder:  Linda Brox, Lori Lee Walsh, David Rogulski, by Ch Rush’s Q Up the Band CD RE WC x Ch Rush’s Wrapped in Moonlite, Canada.  Owner:  Leanne Taylor.  Agent:  Hailey Griffith
155- GCH Wyreriver’s Charles Parker Invincible CGN DJ R (male)  06/14/2017  Breeder:  Diana B Woods, by GCh Rowansgaard Paint it Black RN CGN DS x Wyreriver’s Aretha Franklin, Elsewhere.  Owner:  Robert Reyburn & Donna Sutherland.  Agent:  Emily Burdon
330- CH Rowansgaard Ode to Autumn (female)  09/07/2017  Breeder:  Susan Ware by GCh Fleetwing’s Force of the Moon x Ch Rowansgaard Lavender, Cnaada.  Owner:  Susan Ware
365- GCH Labrys Just One Look JH WC (male)  10-23/2014  Breeder:  Joey M Farrell & Linda M Roe, by GChEx Butterblac Rider at Freestyle CGN WC x Ch Labrys Emerald Eir WCI JH RE PCD, Canada.  Owner:  Valerie Davidson, Rod Davidson, Colleen Roy
383- CH DueNorth Spring Loaded (male)  03/20/2015  Breeder:  Patricia Robertson, by GCh Brightmoor Snow Patrol x GCh Eagletarn Duenorth Glory Days CDX WC JH RN TD, Canada.   Owner:  Bill & Andrea Lothian.  Agent:  Noreena Seery
523- CH Rowansgaard Autumn Hills (male)  09/07/2017  Breeder:  Susan Ware, by GCh Fleetwing’s Force of the Moon x Ch Rowansgaard Lavender, Canada.  Owner:  Helen Scott
480- Freestyles Polaris at Blueflag (female)  12/29/2017  Breeder:  Colleen Roy by Ch Butterblac Time Step CGN RN x GCh Butterblacs Freestyle Spicegrl, Canada.  Owner Valerie Davidson, Rod Davidson, Colleen Roy
500- Dowerky Our Sassy Rose Cider (female)  11/03/2019  Breeder:  Gwyneth McClellan by GCh Light-foot’s Dream Boat x Ch Dowerky Ramblin Rose Brew, Cnaada.  Owner:  Gwyneth McClellan.  Agent:  Noreena Seery

                                         Best of Breed- 365             Best of Opposite Sex– 330
                                         Best of Winners– 583         Best Puppy– N/A
                                         Select Dog- 523                  Select Bitch– 480

November 20, 2021 – Lethbridge & District Kennel Club – Alberta Booster

Highest Qualifying Score by FCR in Novice – Fishercreeks Genuine Risk – Owner:  Laura Laverty – 193.5
Highest Qualifying Score by FCR in Open – Kistryl Toffee – Owner:  Avey Christiansen – 185.0
Highest Qualifying Score by FCR in Trial – Fishercreeks Genuine Risk

November 21, 2021 – Lethbridge & District Kennel Club – Alberta Booster

Best Of Breed
GCh Blazingstar Galwey
Best Of Opposite Sex
Ch Blazingstar Aerodynamic
Best Of Winners: (2-6-2-4)
Favor’s Maple Leaf Rag
Best Puppy In Breed
Favor’s Maple Leaf Rag
Select Dog
GCh Birdztheword Too Humble To Brag
Select Bitch
Ch Inglis Above The Stars

Winners Dog: (2-6-2-4)
Blazingstar Westlin Winds
Reserve Winners Dog
Blazingstar Northern Harrier
Canadian Bred Dog Class
1st Blazingstar Northern Harrier
Open Dog Class
1st Blazingstar Westlin Winds
Veteran Male
GCh Blazingstar Galwey

Winners Bitch: (2-6-2-4)
Favor’s Maple Leaf Rag
Reserve Winners Bitch
Blazingstar Prairie Smoke
Junior Puppy Bitch Class
1st Favor’s Maple Leaf Rag
2nd Muddyflats Shutter Speed
3rd Blazingstar Muddyflats Nightscape
Open Bitch Class
1st Blazingstar Prairie Smoke
2nd Blazingstar Prairie Rose
3rd Inglis Chanda’s Magical Light
Veteran Female
GCh Blazingstar Puffin