At each annual Specialty Dinner, the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada will present awards to Club members who have achieved special recognition with their dogs.

There are three categories of awards:

Outstanding Achievement Awards

All Round Retriever Awards

Versatility Award

General Requirements Applicable to All Categories

Dogs eligible for an award must be owned by a club member, both at the time the requirements are completed and at the time of application for the award. For awards that require more than one title/achievement, the owner of the dog must be a member of the FCRSC when the last title/achievement was earned. The club members do not need to be Canadian residents to qualify, however all the titles and achievements must be earned in Canada. It is the responsibility of the club member to apply for awards within the appropriate time limits. Application for any and all awards must be submitted to the awards committee within 18 months of completion of the requirements. The FCRSC will supply an appropriate award application form in the newsletter to facilitate owner application. The form will explain the requirements for each award as well as the information required to substantiate the award.

The form for the current year is available in the FCRSC Awards - Forms section.

* Substantiating information will be required for all awards *

The award application form must be submitted by the due date on the forms page. Please photocopy the form if applying for more than one dog. Award applications will only be accepted on the proper form.

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