Board of Directors

President: Roxanne Ziefflie (108 Mile Ranch, BC)

Vice-President: Haideh Jordan (Courtenay, BC)

Recording Secretary: Patricia Robertson (Lakefield, ON)

Membership Coordinator: Lee Dickie (Berwick, NS)

Treasurer: Natasha MacDonald (Chilliwack, BC)

Regional Directors

British Columbia/Yukon - Anna Daly (Richmond, BC)

Prairies/North West Territories - Judy Byers (Dalmeny, SK)

Ontario/Quebec/Nunavut - Yolaine Boisvert (Salaberry de Valleyfield, QC)

Atlantic - Lee Dickie (Berwick, NS)

To contact a member of the Board of Directors or a Regional Director, please use the
Board & Regional Contacts form.

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Results for Alberta Booster held January 2015

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