"Flat-Out" is the official newsletter of the FCRSC. It is published and mailed out 3 times per year, keeping members informed of Board meetings, show results, medical matters affecting Flat-Coated Retrievers and training tips and tricks.

Presented here, for your reading pleasure, are a few of the many wonderful and informative articles the FCRSC is proud to publish. If you find these interesting, and you're not already a member, please consider joining the FCRSC!


Teaching Steadiness by Judy Teskey, Dec 2010
Stepping Up To Working Certificate Intermediate by Judy Teskey, Oct 2009
Field Training Guidelines and Tips by Judy Teskey, Aug 2008
Searching for a Puppy with Field Potential? by Judy Teskey, Sep 2007


New ItemThe Jantel Story by Liz Saunders, Dec 2011
Health Clearances and the Flat-coated Retriever by Liz Saunders, Oct 2009
Canine Bloat by Leah Hurrell, Sep 2012


Keeping the Fun in Heeling by Nancy Dyson, Jun 2009


International Flat-coats Sleeping Upside Down Week May 2013
The Tail of Lacy and the Apples by Marne Birch, Jan 2011
Hooked on Feathers Aug 2006


In Memory of Moira Jewell by Kathy Kondrat, May 2007

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