Specialty Winners - Winners Female

2014     Affinity Wet Your Whistle
2013     Ch. Clearwater's All the Buzz
2012     Gondolin's Simaril
2011     Storm Watch Whirl Wynd
2010     Seafox Set Sail for Blacklace
2009     Skyelark Rockbound Coast
2008     Almanza Earthquake
2007     Cloud Dancers Keep on the Faith
2006     Itzawhat Was the Best of Times
2005     Wabana's Bit O'Spring
2004     Comics New Boundaries at Pennfield
2003     Am CH Whazthat's Pearly Special
2002     Itzawhat Billie Holliday
2001     Am Ch Quillquest Wendy's Wagtail Can JH, WCI, Am SH, WC
2000     Am Ch Quillquest Wendy's Wagtail Can JH, WCI, Am SH, WC
1999     Tealwin's Midnight Magick
1998     Am/Can Ch Grousemoor Wish Upon A Star Am OA JH WC
1997     Am Ch Flatford Adelhard Major Savy
1996     Lyneholme Escallonia
1995     Am Ch Autograph Chelsey Am JH WC
1994     Am/Can Ch Quillquest Phen's Born To Win WC
1993     Quillquest Phen's Born To Win WC
1992     Rockledge Treasure at Walden
1991     Am Ch Rockledge Jubilee
1990     Grousemoor Saucony Jazz
1989     Firesides Private Edition
1988     Am Ch Grousemoor Abbey Road
1987     Am Ch Grousemoor Some Like It Hot
1986     Am Ch Whazthat Forza Del Destino CD
1985     Am Ch Grousemoor Lyra of Wundham
1984     Grousemoor Lyra of Wyndham
1983     Parkburn Dusk
1982     Athercroft Autumn Chemar

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