Specialty Winners - Winners Male

2014     Gwenadillo Seeka's Star
2013     GCh. Butterblac Rider at Freestyle
2012     Am Ch. Torwood Ace Dresser
2011     Torwood Ace Dresser, WC
2010     Torwood Ace Dresser
2009     Ravenswood's Classical Jazz
2008     Almanza Let's Party Today
2007     Valhala's Burnign Ring of Fire
2006     Coastalight Wayward Wind
2005     Comics Catman Dooley
2004     Prairielight Up at Dawn
2003     Am CH Whazthat's Good and Plenty
2002     Affinity Carbon Copy
2001     Candease Magical Mystery
2000     Am Ch K'Mander Black Diamond Bay
1999     Affinity Black Hole Sun
1998     Am Ch K'Mander Black Diamond Bay Am JH WC
1997     Wizardwood Pretender
1996     Wyndhams Yankee
1995     Brushwynd Artic Blast WC
1994     Am Ch Grousemoor Medowrue Dawg Daze Can CD WC Am CDX
1993     Am Ch Amani's Hunter Eclipce JH
1992     Petersfield High Tech
1991     Am Ch Grousemoor Dexmoor Torch Am WC
1990     Petersfield TJ's Hunter
1989     Am Ch Grousemoor Norwegian Wood
1988     Am Ch D'Aqua of Manoridge
1987     Wildwood'd Moonlight Magic
1986     Parkburn Ghillie
1985     Am Ch Quillquest El Diablos Damian
1984     Watermark's Egor
1983     Springold's Jack of Fleetwood
1982     Athercroft's Deacon Blues

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